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Submitting Claims

Submitting expenses and claims is easy. Here’s how:

Medical Claims
Health Care Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement

Medical Claims

When you go to your doctor or hospital, you’ll likely be asked for your medical insurance card. Your card lets your provider know that you have medical coverage as well as what is typically covered under your medical plan. It also allows your provider to submit claims on your behalf directly to your medical plan.

Once a claim has been submitted, your medical plan will determine how much money it will pay the provider directly and how much you owe based on your plan copays and coinsurance and whether you’ve met your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum.

Out-of-network claims

If you go to a doctor or hospital that’s out-of-network you will have to pay a larger portion of your bill.

The plan’s payments to out-of-network providers are determined based on the lesser of:

  • the normal charge for a similar service or supply,
  • or a percentile of charges made for a service or supply in the geographic area where it is received.

You may be billed for difference between your provider’s normal charge and the Maximum Reimbursable Charge as determined by the plan, in addition to applicable deductibles, copays and coinsurance. Out-of-network services are subject to a deductible and maximum reimbursable charge limitations.

You should submit a copy of the itemized bill from your health care provider along with a completed medical claim form to the Cigna address on your ID card. You can find claim forms on You only need to fill out this form if your provider isn't filing the claim for you. Cigna must receive your claim within 180 days from the date you received the service. 

Health Care Flexible Spending Account Reimbursement

Swipe and save with the YSA debit card

If you contribute $150 or more to your Health Care Flexible Spending Account, you will receive a Your Spending Account™ (YSA) debit card that you can use to pay for most eligible health care expenses. The amount is automatically deducted from your account. But always save your receipts. In many cases, you will still have to submit receipts for verification.

If you do not have a debit card, just pay for the expenses, keep a receipt, and submit a claim for reimbursement.

Keep track of your expenses

Save your receipts, itemized invoices, and the explanation of benefits (EOB) statements that you receive from your health plan. You will need this documentation when you submit claims for reimbursement and verification.

Complete a claim form for reimbursement

You have two options:

  • Online. To create your claim form online, go to Alight and click “Your Spending Account” and then “Submit Claim.” Follow instructions from there.
  • Mail. If you do not have Internet access, you can get a claim form by calling 1-866-468-8236. To speak with a representative, select “Your Spending Account” from the menu.

Submit your claim by fax or mail

Fax or mail your completed and signed claim form with your receipts or EOB statement.

Fax your claim: 1-888-211-9900 (Do not include a cover letter—just fax the claim form and copies of your receipts.)


Mail your claim: Your Spending Account, P.O. Box 785040, Orlando, FL 32878–5040

Receive reimbursement

You will receive notification when your reimbursement has been processed. You can receive reimbursements by check or direct deposit.

Direct deposit is the fastest way to receive reimbursement. To sign up, go to Alight and click the “Your Spending Account” link.

You have three months following the plan year (August 1–July 31) to submit your reimbursement claims. This means that the deadline to submit receipts for the prior plan year is October 31.