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COVID-era habits worth keeping (and some worth ditching)
The past year was like no other. Social distancing measures meant we all had to quickly adapt to new ways of working, learning and connecting. As challenging as this often was, the break in routine was an opportunity for many to discover new habits worth hanging on to.
As we get closer to “normal,” you may want to use Intuit’s many resources to help you keep the good habits and ditch the bad.
Habits to hold on to
Take care of you. The Well-being Hub, powered by Virgin Pulse, connects you to well-being resources based on your interests and health assessment. The Activity Program, also found at Virgin Pulse, rewards you for engaging in healthy behaviors.
Keep talking. Optum gives you 10 free, confidential counseling sessions (virtual or in person) each fiscal year for each need that you have.
Habits to shake
If you picked up a few not-so-great habits this past year (and who hasn’t?), Intuit benefits can help.
Going it alone. With all the social distancing and quarantining, many of us have been forced to become a little more independent than we’re accustomed to. But that doesn’t mean we should refrain from reaching out for help when we need it. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or substance abuse, don’t forget that you have many counseling options at your disposal.
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