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“I have always believed that exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind.” – Nelson Mandela
Lessen your stress by focusing on your physical well-being
When you’re stressed out, exercise, eating right and going to the doctor may seem like luxuries you can’t be bothered with. But it’s during those turbulent times when it’s most important for you to tend to the basics, like your and your family’s health and happiness. And Intuit benefits are here to lend a hand.
Save on staying fit
Through Intuit Perks at Work and the Intuit Passport Corporate Program, you can find discounts on athletic gear and fitness equipment.
Move a little more
The fitness team at Intuit offers plenty of options to keep you active during your busy workday. Live virtual fitness classes are taught by our amazing EXOS coaches. No time for workouts during your workday? No worries! Check out the selection of on-demand fitness classes. You’ll find everything from yoga to strength training. Best of all, you can log in from any device.
Interested in de-stressing during the day? Join a live virtual stretch break, offered twice daily, or an on-demand stretch break. If you’re a team lead, you can also schedule an energy break or recovery break for your team.
Stay up to date with the current programs by signing up for the fitness newsletter or checking out the Virtual Fitness Insight page.
Get virtual care for free
Use telemedicine to connect with a doctor by video or phone from anywhere and avoid going to the doctor’s office. Call MDLIVE at 1-888-726-3171, or visit
Pro tip! If you or a family member is part of a group that’s currently eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, you can use supplemental sick time to get your shot.
To learn more about the many physical well-being resources available to you, visit the If You’re Focused on Physical Fitness section of our COVID-19 Support pages.
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