The information on this page is for SelectTime or seasonal employees. If you’re a regular employee, visit the benefits site for you.

If You Need Time Off

Sick Time / Supplemental Sick Time

We've refreshed supplemental sick time balances so you'll have the equivalent of two weeks that can be used through December 2021. This is in addition to any sick or other time-off policies you may be eligible for. This is a temporary policy in response to the COVID-19 situation. This time off is meant to comply with, and will run concurrently with, any COVID-19-related paid time-off laws.

Once you’ve used your supplemental sick time, you can use your regular sick time. At the end of each pay period, you accrue one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. There is no cap on the number of hours accrued each year and any unused sick time rolls over year to year.

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