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If You’re Anxious About Your Finances

Long-Term Focus

During times of market volatility, you may be wanting to check on your investments and reconsidering your strategies for reaching your financial goals. A good place to start is the Empower website, where you can view your 401(k) account and explore content and tools focused specifically on challenging market conditions. Learn more at Empower’s Market Volatility Center.

If you’re stressing about the stock market and what it means to your financial portfolio, be sure to check out the Financial Knowledge on-demand webinar Managing Your Investments in Uncertain Times.

Financial Wellness and Budgeting Support

Dial down your financial stress by getting assistance with increasing your savings, lowering your debt, improving your credit, and creating and sticking to a budget. Optum’s Live and Work Well program offers lots of great financial wellness and budgeting resources you should check out. You can even connect with a money coach.